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Volume packages

Get transparency for a fixed price.

Did the introductory period convince you that we have the services you need? If so, it is time to get a volume package proposal tailored to your needs. The perfect package of information for every need.


  • Reports on companies and individuals from Switzerland
  • Get German and Austrian company reports - pay Swiss rates
  • Contingents customized for your needs, verifiable budget control tools included
  • Portfolio overview for the entire contract term included
  • All ordered full & compact reports include company monitoring services 
  • Collection reports for companies are availabe to you for CHF 24.50 each
  • Research reports for companies are available to you for CHF 29 each


Our sales consultants will be pleased to advise you or conduct a CreditCheck demo for you. Please call us at 044 735 64 64 or send an e-mail to: