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Creditworthiness assessment made easy

Bisnode CreditCheck makes your every day business transparent. The information you receive is of course completely up-to-date, which makes all the difference. Why should you expect any less?

Always available: 5'850'000 active company profiles from CH, DE and AT

Regardless which business partner you need to run a credit check for, our database will definitely provide the information you are looking for. Our business database is the largest in the D-A-CH region and delivers reliable financial information and business reports, including credit ratings for more than 650,000 active Swiss enterprises, 4.7 million active German companies as well as 500,000 active Austrian businesses. Protect yourself against financial losses right now!

Fact-based payment histories, collection information, court enforced collection reports and other information

Bisnode CreditCheck provides you with the all important information you need to make credit decisions. It will give you easy-to-understand answers to three critical questions:

  • Is the likelihood of getting paid very high?
  • Within which time frame is it highly likely that I will receive my payment?
  • How high is the risk of bankruptcy over the next 12 months?

To be able to answer these questions we process information from a variety of data sources and consolidate it into a credit rating (AAA through C) or a credit score (1-100). As a result, you receive an indicator you can rely on.


Cleary structured, transparent and easy to use

The ergonomic design of Bisnode CreditCheck is intentional. It is a system that will never confront you with operational obstacles. The elements of our financial reports are presented in the order of their importance: The most important information is shown first - using a format you are familiar with. The Bisnode CreditCheck service also includes monitoring, analysis functions and research tools, etc.

Bisnode is the leader in digital business information

Bisnode assists companies with information that will help them make more sound business decisions, minimize their risks and maximize their sales success. The insights generated from data network facilitate both, the strategic and general operational decision-making processes. Bisnode Switzerland is part of the Swedish Bisnode Group, Europe's market leader in digital business information services. The Group boasts a workforce of 3,000 in 17 European countries. In 14 of these countries, Bisnode represents the Dun & Bradstreet brand.