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The willingness to take risks and make decisions with a sense of purpose are among the key characteristics of successful companies. Caution is required nonetheless: Not every business transaction will produce the promised results. 


Avert accounts receivable losses - in Switzerland, Germany and Austria

To protect yourself and prevent accounts receivable losses, make sure you do some research on the CreditCheck business information site. It delivers transparent and objective insights into the real financial situation of businesses in just seconds. It will make you aware of the creditworthiness and payment history of your customers and suppliers. Reports are available for companies in Switzerland, Germany and Austria - all for one and the same price. You will also be able to check the credit scores of private individuals in Switzerland.


Fact-based processes deliver the secuirty you need

Rely on facts that are available online at all times - from the start. Use the services of CreditCheck to obtain well-founded online business information that allows you to quickly assess the financial situation and payment history of your business partners, customers and suppliers.  CreditCheck provides you with the information you need to be optimally prepared for effective risk management and delivers a dependable foundation for your business decisions.

Learn more on the subsequent pages of this site, browse our sample reports or call our hotline +41 44 735 64 64 . We will be pleased to give you detailed advice.