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Introductory offer

Buy without a long term commitment.

Take advantage of a test term to familiarize yourself with our services. Our introductory offer gives you access to the best business information available in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Conduct thorough credit checks of your potential new customers and existing accounts. You will enjoy complete cost transparency. You will receive convenient e-mail updates if any of the information changes. It's an introductory offer that will definitely make life easier for you.


 How you benefit:

  • You will enjoy unlimited access to our database
  • You will receive reports on Swiss businesses and individuals
  • You will receive reports on businesses in Germany and Austria
  • No cancelation notice required. The contract will expire automatically
  • Portfolio overviews for the companies are included for the entire term of the contract
  • Monitoring services are included for all ordered compact or full reports
  • You will have the option to order additional company research reports for CHF 29 each


Our sales consultants will be pleased to advise you or conduct a CreditCheck demo for you. Please call us at 044 735 64 64 or send an e-mail to: